Having problems filling out the application form?

  1. Refresh or reload the page.
  2. Make sure all fields with a red asterisk ( * ) are filled out. These are required fields.
  3. Review your information to make sure all data is correct.
    1. Password must be inputted twice and must also be accurately done twice.
    2. Email address must be typed out correctly.
    3. Mobile number should not have dashes. It should follow the same format as the example given (ex. 09123456789). This must be a Philippine number.
    4. You can also write another contact number where we can reach you in the Other "Contact Numbers" field (this is an optional field). If you are abroad, you can input your international number in this field.
  4. When uploading your resume, make sure it is a .doc file (MS Word format). The system will not accept PDF, Excel or other formats.
  5. Make sure your internet connection is stable.
When you click "Register", you will know your application is successful if you receive a message which says "Application received."
If you are still having problems, contact our IT Department through our IPAMS trunkline numbers.